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School Policies


            St. Anne’s Private School was founded on Monday 10th October, 1994, and since inception, has striven assiduously live up to its Motto:  Knowledge is Light.

A child who ‘journeys’ through St. Anne’s is expected to proceed with ease and confidence into any secondary school in the country and even beyond.



            Children younger than the admission age of 2½ have to begin at the crèche which is properly equipped and staffed to take care of infants between 12 months and 2½ years.  The major obligation at the crèche is care.

            Children in the crèche do not need uniforms.  Parents are expected to provide food and extra clothes for them.



            Parents are to drop their children from 7:30 – 8:00am each day. And pick them latest at 4:30pm.



            School fee per term is N75,000 (Seventy-five Thousand Naira) only including Registration payable to the school’s account with Guaranty Trust Bank, Account Number:  5615330667110  



            Admission begins at age 2½ into a Reception class where they gain first and foremost, independence from their parents and develop physical and emotional skills as well as cultivate good relationship with children of their own age.  Lessons taught at this age include nursery rhymes, songs and dance activities, picture readings, recognition of basic shapes and colours and other activities aimed at developing the child’s tender muscles.  They are also assisted to recognize the letters of the alphabet, as well as count and identify numerals.

A child may remain in the reception class for one school year or two depending on his/her ability and age at which he/she entered the school.



            There are two years of nursery.  Within these two years, children learn to write numerals and are introduced to number work problems.  They also learn to write and sound the letters of the alphabet phonetically and are thus introduced to spelling words using phonic sounds.  Nursery classes are also taught rudimentary Science and Arts.



            The primary section has duration of five years, beginning with a primary one class and termination at Primary five (5).  It is our aim that each pupil at the end of the course of study should be able to pass with ease any entrance examination into any of the highly rated secondary schools.  Children, who are under age or are not mature enough to proceed to secondary school by the school’s assessment, will be advised not to write any entrance examination into secondary school.  Such children will repeat the final class (Primary five).



            School fee per term is N85,000 (Eighty-five Thousand Naira) only for all classes.  The fees charged takes care of tuition, snacks and stationery.  Registration fee for new pupils is N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira) only.  All fees are payable to the school’s account with Guaranty Trust Bank, Account Number:  5615330667110.



            Uniforms are to be made by the school and paid for by parents.  Parents will pay for:

2 sets of School Uniforms at   -    N3,500 per set
1 set of Physical Education Outfit  -   N2,500
1 School Pullover     -   N3,000

Parents will be expected to order for a replacement of uniforms as they wear out.  Parents should please note that they are not allowed to make uniforms outside the school.  Children who come to school in such uniforms will be turned back at the gate.  Parents will also be expected to provide their children with clean white stockings/socks, a pair of low black shoes or white canvas and a white handkerchief.



            The school provides First Aid Treatment for children who are involved in minor accidents at school.  Ailments or accidents that require treatment other than First Aid are referred to a private clinic close to the school.  Parents will be expected to bear the cost of such treatment.

OPENING TIME:  8:00am Each Day
CLOSING:  Reception / Nursery     1:00pm
Primary 1 – Primary 5    1:30pm

It is expected that every child should be picked before 2:00pm each day, except those who stay behind for afternoon classes

We hope that in choosing St. Anne’s Private School for your child, he/she will receive the best, all round qualitative education in a very conducive learning environment.  We also hope you will appreciate that you are doing so voluntarily and would therefore, ensure prompt payment of fees.



            The school will assemble the requisite textbooks from the Publishing Companies and parents will pay for such textbooks alongside First Term Fees.

This arrangement is aimed at getting all pupils to have textbooks at beginning of term to facilitate early commencement of teaching and secondly to ensure that textbooks are original copies and not pirated ones.  We assure parents that prices quoted for textbooks per class are at the publishers’ price since the school does not intend to make any gain on textbooks.  Prices are as follows:


IN SUMMARY        - N
Registration:              - 2,000.00
2 Sets of Uniform at N3,500 each:  - 7,000.00
1 Set of Physical Education Outfit: - 2,500.00
1 School Pullover:       - 3,000.00
Pick Up Card:     - 500.00
School Fee (Per term):  - 85,000.00
   TOTAL:       - N100,000.00