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Our curriculumis broad and rich.  At the Nursery level we run a combination of Nigerian and Montessori curricula.  The primary school curriculum is integrated and dynamic as we regularly review and upgrade it to meet current standards.


We are mindful of the fact that our children bring with them a wealth of different strengths, experiences, interests and challenges.  For this reason we give them every support they need in their regular class activities and through extra remedial support and interventions as required.


Our teachers are well trained and experienced as over sixty percent of them have been in our employment for over ten years.


Our environment is serene and secure.  The classrooms are standard sized; spacious and well ventilated.  Pupil to teacher ratio is 20:1 and in the nursery and lower primary classes, 20:2.


We see education as partnership between home and school and we place much emphasis on partnership with you, our parents.  Management is open and flexible.  Parents are encouraged to meet with us on any issues that involve the children