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Proprietor's Message


It is my pleasure to announce the opening of the web site of our beloved school and on behalf of the management, staff, students and pupils of St. Anne’s School welcome you to our home page.

St. Anne’s Private School, Calabar was borne out of a desire to address some observed shortcomings in our educational system especially the primary level which is the first and most important level of education. Driven by this desire, we went to great length to put together a curriculum that will ensure a solid foundation for our pupils. The success rate which our primary school pupils have recorded at various entrance examinations into secondary schools across the nation and overseas for the few who have who have migrated abroad with their parents, and the sure footedness of those who have left our primary school to secondary schools through to the tertiary institutions in Nigeria is a testament to how strong our curriculum is.

Notwithstanding the strength of our curriculum, we strive to upgrade our facilities, improve the library, music room , fine arts studio, computer room and all that a 21st century school requires on a continues basis. St. Anne’s has therefore remained a natural choice for discerning parents. I look forward to receiving our next set of pupils and students to a world class teaching and learning experience in September and all year round.

Mrs. Anne O. Eta